color problem on spc-800

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Van Grauw

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05-05-2021, 16:55

Caliostro wrote:

Amazing, i found the problem, MB to RF module cable, it is not broken, all cables are good, but if I change it, it works perfectly.
edit: 1 oxidized pin

Thanks for your help

Awesome to hear! And glad it was such a simple solution in the end Smile.

Van Caliostro

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06-05-2021, 00:43

it's the first time i fix it with ease, i also have an upgraded nms8245 (msx2+ with 1MB ram) which drives me crazy Crazy Crazy Crazy

Van gdx

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06-05-2021, 01:41

Congratulation, the MSXs fail for not much in general. They are sturdy machines.

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