WTB several cartridges, WTS several items

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06-05-2021, 07:17

I'm looking for several MSX items, and am happy to consider item prices you deem reasonable and shipping to my address in the US. I can pay using PayPal. Manuals, packaging, and label condition are not important for this, I'm just hoping to get the software+hardware in its original form and still functional

I also have a few MSX cartridges and related items I'm willing to trade in case you prefer that instead of (part of) the payment. Also interested in standalone offers for those, they are effectively duplicates in my collection at this point

If you have any of these and are interested in discussing a sale or trade let me know in email (on my profile). Pointers to listings elsewhere are also welcomed!


  1. Pastfinder (Japan) ROM cartridge
  2. (Mr. Do's) Wildride
  3. Gulkave ROM
  4. MIDI Saurus (including MIDI cartridge and floppy disks)
  5. Con-Dori
  6. Quinpl

Also if you have any Korean-original or localized MSX/Zemmix ROM cartridges (including multi-game collection/compilation cartridges) I'm looking for some of those but the titles aren't always known to me. If you can share pictures of labels or title screens in email (it's on my profile) I can let you know whether it's one I'm missing and interested in acquiring

Available in case you would like to propose a trade component or wish to propose a purchase of your own:

  1. 2 x Ponyca Zanac (Japan) cartridges R49 X 5093
  2. Ponyca Zanac AI (Japan) cartridge R58 Y 5093
  3. Casio Exoide-Z Area 5 (Japan) cartridge, label partly torn GPM-129
  4. Toshiba Pyramid Warp (Japan) carriage, label somewhat faded HX-S102
  5. Sony Battle Cross (Japan) cartridge HBS-G005C
  6. Konami Yie Ar Kung Fu (Japan) cartridge RC725
  7. Konami Nemesis 2/Gradius 2 (Japan) cartridge RC751
  8. Namcot Galaxian (Japan) cartridge 03, spine label missing
  9. Hudson Bee Pack, no cards
  10. Konami Antiques MSX Collection volumes 1+2 for PlayStation (Japan)
  11. also some items from the MSX-like Sega SG-1000 and ColecoVision systems, lmk if you'd like details
  12. also a PC Engine Super CD ROM² version of Puyo Puyo CD, an MSX game sequel/remake I think

These are loose cartridges or discs in original jewel cases and functional, in used condition. I can share photographs here or in email if you're interested in specific items' details. Also happy to work with you too find shopping options that work for both of us. Payments (if not a pure trade) would be via PayPal

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07-05-2021, 00:19

I'll take pictures of all the cartridges and add to the post. I'm not sure yet what prices are right for the WTS/WTT items, I will consider any reasonable offers though (I got them from eBay and Japanese shop and auction sites in the last few years, but bundling and multi-step shipping means it's difficult to determine how much I paid for a specific cartridge sometimes). Thanks for the emailed questions!

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09-05-2021, 10:33


2 x Zanac (Japan) a.k.a. "Zanac A.I." MSX cartridges R49 X 5093
Zanac AI (Japan) a.k.a. "Zanac EX" MSX2 cartridge R58 Y 5093
Exoide-Z Area 5
Pyramid Warp
Battle Cross
Yie Ar Kung Fu
Nemesis 2/Gradius 2
Galaxian (verifying it on this MSX2 was tricky as there is an incompatibility, though it works perfectly unmodified on MSX1)
Bee Pack (I don't have verification pictures as my bee cards are packed away, but I did use it recently and it worked fine)
Konami Antiques MSX Collection volumes 1+2 for PlayStation (Japan) (this is for NTSC-J PS1 and won't work on unmodified PlayStation consoles from other regions. Works fine on a modded one though)

Pictures of Puyo Puyo CD (sequel to/remake of MSX Puyo Puyo perhaps?) and various Sega/Coleco "MSX-like" items can be added if you request them, as can pictures of operation verification for any items that don't already include that. All have in fact been verified functional/playable fairly recently, I just didn't think to photograph it at the time

Let me know by sending email to the address listed on my profile if you're interested in buying, selling or trading for any of these, please.

Also if you are interested in one or more of the Zanac cartridges please include the manufacturer code(s) since between the name on the cartridge label and the name on the title screen there is a lot of confusion (both versions are somehow Zanac AI, but the MSX2 one is also "Zanac EX" and the MSX one is also plain "Zanac" i think). If you're interested in the original MSX Zanac and only one of the 2 cartridge instances let me know which one by including a link to a picture where the one you want is more prominently displayed, otherwise I will pick one for you!


If you buy or trade for multiple items I can ship them together, of course. I can ship using DHL, FedEx or USPS - choice is yours (including which option when the courier offers more than one) and shipping cost is additional to item prices. Items will be packed well and I'll share photographs of the package contents before I ship it

Customs value declarations will reflect actual sale price if the destination is outside the United States. If there are customs fees you will need to pay those to receive your package however the details of that mechanism vary by courier and destination

You can decide whether you want to pay for package insurance as part of shipping fees, provided the courier you chose offers it as an option. If a tracking number is provided by the courier I'll share it with you

Thumbnails: (click them for more pictures)

Click through any picture to see more and larger pictures of the item. Also let me know by sending email to the address listed on my profile if you have any questions.

Thanks for reading, and I hope to hear from you!