WIP - Do The Same - 09.05.2021 (03)

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Van Pbk71

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afbeelding van Pbk71

10-05-2021, 12:05

Nice graphics! Seems to me this is a really cool puzzle game.

Van JMeric

Resident (38)

afbeelding van JMeric

10-05-2021, 20:53


Great Thanks for all your comments guys Big smile

@tfh, maybe Wink
Even if the game mechanic is finished and everything is running fine, I have to make some adjustements (game play, items choice, graphics in menu which looks too 'heavy', ...) and I have to add some little things Wink

@santiontanon, you're right Wink
in the first version of the game nothing is visible because tiles-items and sprites-items were in one color.

In this version, we have add more colors in tiles pattern Wink

All the tiles-items are copied in the sprites area but in only one color (I have to choose the right sprite color to have a really smooth return-to-tiles colors)

During the game, I move the cursor. When I want to rotate a four-squared tiles :
- I display the right sprites-item over the tiles items
- I clear the background area
- I rotate the sprite
- when the rotation is done, I copy the modified tiles-items at the right place (including tiles positions)
- then I remove the sprites

and that, each time I want to rotate and, as you said, it's smooth Wink

Thanks again Wink

See you in another stage of development

Van albs_br

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afbeelding van albs_br

11-05-2021, 17:03

Fantastic job! I had the same tiles/sprites rotation idea for a Tetris clone, but never implemented.

Van JMeric

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afbeelding van JMeric

17-06-2021, 00:14

Hi Friends,

Here is a video of the WIP04 of DoTheSame. Have a look and give me a feedback Wink (Please, read the video description to know what have been done in this WIP04)
Thx Wink


Van defdanny

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afbeelding van defdanny

17-06-2021, 17:03

This looks very polished already. nice. Game background reminds me of a certain castle with Galious in it, but very fitting. Wink my first thought was: This could have been a HAL game.

Van JMeric

Resident (38)

afbeelding van JMeric

24-06-2021, 21:18

Many thanks for your comments my friends
See you Smile

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