SymbOS please help me out . can't open anything

Door Alaadeen

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13-05-2021, 18:15

installed SymbOS version 3 and version 2 both installed flawlessly but when i try to open the system settings or the task manager or anything on the system "FILE NOT FOUND: THE FILE OR THE PATH DON'T EXIST. PLEASE CHECK YOUR INPUT"

Control Panel and Task Manager suppose to be pre installed in Symbos ??


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Van AxelStone

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13-05-2021, 19:33

It's an old problem: did you format the SD with PC or with MSX? If the SD is formatted with PC, you get this error even if the system seems to be installed correctly. Format your SD with MSX using Nextor and command CALL FDISK from BASIC and problem solved Wink

Van Alaadeen

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13-05-2021, 21:21

re formated on msx computer did't solve it


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14-05-2021, 11:53

Click Start/Run/Browse and manually browse the CP.EXE to get to control panel. Check & save the settings. I think this should solve the problem.

Van Alaadeen

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14-05-2021, 19:58

Suddenly worked don’t know what fixed it
Thanm you