Manufacturers of MSX cartridges?

Door Bengalack

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18-05-2021, 19:33

This review about msx cartidge manufacturers seems pretty good!

Matra is closing :-( --But I'm wondering, are there any others doing this, apart from Repro Factory and MSX Cartridge Shop?

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Van erpirao

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18-05-2021, 20:22

msxcalamar (msxcalamar), is making 2MB cartridges from alexey, also the user "hardwaremaker" () makes those cartridges.

Van Grauw

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18-05-2021, 20:31

RBSC has published cartridge designs (require license for commercial use):

I’m not sure if they can also assist with production.

Van Pencioner

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19-05-2021, 09:21

Grauw wrote:

RBSC has published cartridge designs (require license for commercial use):

I’m not sure if they can also assist with production.

Those are produced by other people as mentioned in previous message

Van Bengalack

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19-05-2021, 18:46

Thanks. This is interesting. I didn't know that rbsc would be the source --in many cases Smile

But I think I would be in the need for printing and assembly of box as well. Like Matra did, I believe.

Van bsittler

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20-05-2021, 17:55

If by box you mean the cardboard I don't know where the commercial offerings get it done but and Kai Magazine have both made very nice ones.

If by box you mean cartridge shell, I recently bought some from Retro Game Restore and I'm very pleased with those and they seem quite similar to the overrich shells which were previously available and which I consider the "gold standard" for this - as always though be sure your PCB design and your cartridge shell design are compatible in terms of dimensions, fastener size and position, and any orientation keying mechanisms

Oh and if you just need a protective box for a cartridge and cardboard/printing isn't a requirement you might consider these: (I haven't tried this brand but other similar ones do indeed hold MSX cartridges)

Van Kai Magazine

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20-05-2021, 19:00

If someone needs help with any aspect of releasing a game in physical format feel free to contact us so we can help you with contacts, manufacturers, builders, boxes, production, cover artists, info etc. Since we are self-sufficient in all aspects of self game publishing.

Also, If it turns out that several people wants to have their game published without having to do anything else other than providing the rom, we can investigate that possibility since we have published all of our MSX games ourselves.
It would be a pity if some really good games would not be published in physical format because there is noone up to the task anymore, and since we have the infrastructure and our online shop has custumers from all over the world every month, I think we might be able to help (perhaps, maybe, no promises. We really need to think about it because to publish a game is a lot of work and the benefits are far from fair, so we need to see if we have the time to spend for this service for the MSX community).