How good is the psg sound in Casio Mx-101?

Door st1mpy

Paladin (800)

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11-06-2021, 18:38

Apparently the psg used in this machine is Casio's design. Anyone noticed any difference?

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Van jdgabbard

Supporter (6)

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19-07-2021, 03:32

I can’t speak for the MX-101, but the MX-10 doesn’t sound very different from my Omega Home Computer. Apples and Oranges if you will, as the Omega is a homebrew project. But it sounds basically the same. The little difference there is I think is probably due to the filtering and amplifier.

Van st1mpy

Paladin (800)

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19-07-2021, 11:54

Mx-10 have a ay3 chip.
Mx-101 have the sound chip inside the casio designed msx engine.
The wiki here says mx-101 is the same as a mx-10 but with an antenna. But it just looks similar.