unable to write to disk on Rumsx

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16-06-2021, 00:01


I was trying to copy an image of mine on virtual disk b to a usb floppy a to use it on real msx machine

however despite chosing 1 side 360 kb, (even 320 kb behaves the same) , the disk formats fine, but at the end when it writes bootsector and fat it gives clinking sounds but end up with format completed.

the problem is it doesn't write , it just makes sound or rotation , stops, cliks highly, then same and same no write..

any idea ? thnx

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16-06-2021, 11:12

I have noticed that on disk manager , it formats successfully too, then starts writing (I think) in good sound too, then by 75% starts clicking and not writing nor percentage progresses, and if I pull the usb cable to make the laptop respond again, it says unable to write sector 700 something forgot the exact number.

so , any clues please?

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16-06-2021, 16:12

try format the floppy on real msx before use disk manager
and don't choise format on it

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16-06-2021, 16:46


hi , thnx for your reply

I did format it once on real msx of mine , then tried wrting directly using Rumsx , however that didn't change anything,
however haven't tried it with disk manager though ... I doubt if it will make a difference, looks like writing has some problem which I can't find out