Selling my MSX bundle in US (MSX2+ HIT BIT F1XV + megaflashrom scc+ sd + games)

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26-06-2021, 23:44

Selling my MSX collection, US only:

MSX2+ Sony HIT BIT F1XV, works perfectly, unit only
Megaflashrom scc+ sd, unit and box
Salamander, unit, box and manual
King's valley, unit, box and manual
Knightmare, unit, box and manual
konami's Ping-Pong, unit and box

send me an email if interested and i can send photos, email is on my profile page.

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Van hamlet

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28-06-2021, 19:39

Easy implement some pictures in this thread by using No need to register. Just upload the images there and link them in the text. Wink