SD512 8bits4ever issues

Door Zeno Evil

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01-08-2021, 23:52

I’m new to MSX but currently have a Toshiba HX-10, a Japanese Panasonic FS-A1 and a SD512. Both computers work fine with the two konami carts I also have (track & field and ping pong). The SD512 cartridge isn’t working well, but I’m having difficulty working out whether the problem is with the computers or the cartridge. I have various SD cards (put together by me) with nextor.sys, command2, sofarun, dos files and game ROMs.

With the HX-10 I have formatted a card to FAT12 and the initial Belavenuto screen nearly always recognises the SD card(s) on the SD512. About 50% of the time it then boots into Nextor Basic and half the time it comes up with Konamiman (i.e. Nextor) and the A:> prompt. When it gets the A:> prompt about 1 in 5 times it will load sofarun in the usual way, but often it says the command to load sofarun is unrecognised. Sometimes it complains that the Command2 file is wrong and asks me to insert a disk. If it loads sofarun, the file names are often misspelled and it will then usually refuse to load any roms oO. Every now and again the file names come up properly or most of them do, and I have on these occasions managed to load ROMs.

With the FS-A1 when it boots it goes to the Slot 1 Slot2 Belavenuto screen, but nearly always (like 99/100) says the SD card is ‘not identified’. If I boot with one of my two konami carts in the second cart slot it always recognises the SD card, but then either goes into the konami game or if I quickly remove the konami cart it goes to nextor basic. I have tried formatting an SD card from that basic to FAT12 and to FAT16. That operation works, but the resulting SD card doesn’t work any better.
Apologies if this is hard to follow, but any tips would be gratefully received. The basic question I have is whether you think there is something wrong with the SD512 cart.

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Van Pentarou

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02-08-2021, 01:16

I would suggest to try cleaning the contacts of the cartridge, and if you still have problems contact the manufacturer.

Van sdsnatcher73

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02-08-2021, 04:57

I have this cartridge as well and it is very picky with SD cards. For me it only worked with a full size 4GB SDHC card from SanDisk. I had similar (weird) results with 32GB Samsung microSDHC cards and others.

Van gdx

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02-08-2021, 13:57

It would be nice to make a list of maps that don't work with this interface in the wiki.

Van Zeno Evil

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02-08-2021, 19:16

I did try cleaning contacts thanks

Van Zeno Evil

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02-08-2021, 19:18

That’s interesting. I did wonder about that. I’ll look for a full size sdhc card. Thanks