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12-08-2021, 17:52

Greetings from Brazil,

I am a long time user of MSX, bought many models made in Brazil at the time, but because of several mishaps along the way, started very late in Computer Engineering, although I always liked to program as a hobby.
That's when testing and learning how to implement indexing algorithms in python, C, Java I thought, What would it be like on a real MSX? Well, at least at an emulated one.
During the holidays I invested my brain in this goal and have discovered HiTech-C and SDCC. OK, they work, nonetheless I already program in C for embedded / ARM, IDE in Windows, write the source, compile and write to the MCU's flash. Oh no, I want to be more hardcore and program straight on MSX.
Then I discovered in this forum the excellent work of Javi Lavendeira, and I remembered others from my youth, like Nestor Soriano.
Well I think this was a little long, but to finish there's a link to the test, please don't mind the video edit, I'm still learning:

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Van Grauw

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12-08-2021, 20:04

Nice! Good start! Do you normally fast forward through the compiles to speed up the process?

Van 2ARC

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12-08-2021, 20:11

Yes, but not for this video. I really like openMSX for its accuracy. I`ve tried on an MSX 1 and its way slow indeed compared to TurboR.