Mutants From The Deep now on sale

Mutants From The Deep now on sale

van Pac op 20-08-2021, 17:40
Onderwerp: Software

Mutants From The Deep, a new creation under the Locomalito and Retroworks labels, is now on sale in cartridge format. The game was ported to MSX by Manuel Pazos and Fernando García. Previously announced and reported here just 3 months ago and available to everyone as a freeware, this new shoot'em up game got the best treatment we could expect. That's it! A physical and limited edition with some extras for those MSX purists. The game includes:

  • Special magnetic box with an exceptional high-gloss finish and internal foam.
  • 2 cards.
  • 2 posters.
  • 1 sticker.
  • 1 manual.

Mutants From The Deep requires a MSX1 computer or higher with a minimum of 32 kB RAM and it can be purchased at the MSX Cartridge Shop for 35 € excluding shipping costs.

Relevant link: Mutants From The Deep official announcement

Reacties (4)

Van Lazzeri

Champion (273)

afbeelding van Lazzeri

20-08-2021, 21:42

That looks great! Requesting a copy!

Van valkyre

Hero (647)

afbeelding van valkyre

20-08-2021, 23:36

Count me in! It's becoming an expensive year!!

Van AnsiStar

Master (141)

afbeelding van AnsiStar

22-08-2021, 20:31

Great great news!! I´m waiting for Alien Attac and Fantastic Football too (Cartridge)! Wink

Van valkyre

Hero (647)

afbeelding van valkyre

18-09-2021, 08:42

As well as being a great game, this comes in possibly the most professional looking box of recent times for msx. It's a fantastic product.