FILES 2 or 3 columns

Door sergarbes

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08-10-2021, 13:41

Hello, I have a question / curiosity. Why in MSX-BASIC with Disk BASIC 1.0 when you list the files with FILES, they are placed in 2 columns and sometimes it does in 3. This since the size is set to 8 for the name and 3 for the extension. Do you know why? Thanks oO oO oO

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Van mars2000you

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08-10-2021, 13:52

It depends on the width of the screen. See

Van sergarbes

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19-10-2021, 20:22

You are right. I have tested that at first run SCRREN 0 40x24 it displays the result of FILES command in two colums and after setting it by me with WIDTH 40 command then it displays de results of FILES in three colums. Thanks for your answer! LOL!