Level recommendations for SD Snatcher

Door Vahan

Expert (99)

afbeelding van Vahan

13-10-2021, 20:25

What would be the recommended levels for each area of the game, from the Pier to the Snatcher Base? Thanks in advance.

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Van Moniz

Champion (400)

afbeelding van Moniz

13-10-2021, 20:30

I always grind untill I hardly get any experience in that area. That way the difficulty to a next area isnt that big..
For the the final boss you need to be high up in level.. near max (not sure how much that is..)

Van Vahan

Expert (99)

afbeelding van Vahan

13-10-2021, 20:33

The maximum is 64, 255 HP.

When I played this game to the very end, I would actually play it on double speed and grind at the Pier until I reached the maximum (no joke). Now, I would like to play it the normal way as I would any other RPG.

Van Moniz

Champion (400)

afbeelding van Moniz

13-10-2021, 20:49

wow.. really?!?

Then I really recommend playing it like I did.. or even stop grinding a little sooner to make it more challenging..
The fun in this game is how to figure out where to shoot the metal-creatures first.. when you're way over powered that doesnt really matter anymore.. '
Give it it a try! (save you time too hahaha)

Van Randam

Paragon (1431)

afbeelding van Randam

13-10-2021, 20:56

Lol, maxed level at the pier? Then most of the fun is out of the game... I actually finished the final boss with the blaster one time because the challenge was nice... I must admit that is overdoing it, but it is more fun to find out the nice strats etc.

Van JohnHassink

Ambassador (5665)

afbeelding van JohnHassink

13-10-2021, 23:56

In my experience, if your level is somewhere around or above fifty, and you bring enough big bombs and junkers to the snatcher base, you can win the final battle.
Don't forget that your skill level with using each particular gun has its own 'experience' gauge, too.