Wanderers from YS: simply impressive

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Van evulopah

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27-08-2007, 08:56

I just finished Ys - The Oath in Felghana!! Fantastis remake of Ys 3... very impressive graphics and definitly the music!!

Van fondacio

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27-08-2007, 20:48

I have to second DemonSeed here - the Sega Genesis version of Ys III more faithfully reflects the MSX2 version of Ys III and just takes advantage of the superior hardware, while the SNES version does not look and sound as nice.

I finished Felghana a few months ago as well. Fantastic remake of Ys III and still one of the best game soundtracks ever.

Van LeoM

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30-08-2007, 15:05

As can be seen on this link this game is for MSX2 and MSX2+. Maybe this YouTube video was made using a (emulated?) MSX2+??? Still it is a very impressive game I think.

Van Sama

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30-08-2007, 15:38

It seems to me that the YouTube video is the normal MSX2 version. The game just is impressive.

As is, indeed, Oath in Felghana.

Van Feiraco

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11-09-2018, 23:44

Can someone enlighten me what this is exactly about? The mentioned videos are now gone. Was there an upgrade of the MSX game? I am currently playing Ys3 on BlueMSX.

Van fernando.collazo.5682

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12-09-2018, 00:06

It's about how wonderful YS3 runs in MSX 2!
It's a bit slow but is by far the best 8-bit version and rivalized with 16-bit ones...

Van wyrdwad

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12-09-2018, 09:11

I don't know, I actually think the MSX version of Ys III may be one of the worst, if only because it just runs SO slowly and has rather poor versions of the game's music compared to its contemporaries. As other 8-bit systems go, I find both the PC-88 and even Famicom versions to be quite superior.

Ys III and, especially, Sorcerian are Falcom games that I feel the MSX just didn't do justice to. But I do think Ys I and II are both a lot more playable on the MSX (though I still prefer the PC-88 versions, if only for the superior music), and I think the MSX has the best 8-bit version of Xanadu (the MSX1 version), a great version of Romancia, THE best version of Dragon Slayer IV: Drasle Family (the MSX2 version of that game is the definitive one IMHO), and the best 8-bit version of Legend of Heroes.


Van Feiraco

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13-09-2018, 00:31

Thanks both! It's good to notice this discussion.

I just finished Ys3 with Django's English translations. What a marvellous game it (still) is.
I always thought that I had finished this game in the early 1990s, but I couldn't recall almost anything of it. Based on Tom's tips, I'll take a look at the PC-88 and Famicom versions.

About the game itself: the game is known for being quite different compared to Ys1 and Ys2 (for example: Ys3 is played looking from the side), and I prefer Ys3. I do not really like some endless mazes, caves, etc. that are in the previous games (or in SD-Snatcher). I prefer a pretty straightforward game as is Ys3. Anyone else?

The monsters weren't that hard to beat in Ys3. I did notice that there is a 'rank' in the Ys3 status screen. It displayed "easy". Does that mean that it was/is possible to play this game at a certain difficulty?

Finally, I couldn't recognize all Bosses from the manual. About 3/4 of them seem to be in the manual with a clear English name, but some evidently are not in it. Probably on purpose by Falcom to not to reveal all. The names of some monsters I took from NES/Famicom explanations, but didn't all seem very approriate.

Van ro

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13-09-2018, 07:59

I have always been very impressed by YSIII. For MSX standards, it sure ain't "slow". I recently played the SNES version, which is nice. But didn't give me that same feeling as the MSX version did. Oh well, perhaps that's just nostalgia playing it's part.

Falcom did some amazing work on our beloved system.

Van wyrdwad

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13-09-2018, 09:06

ro wrote:

I have always been very impressed by YSIII. For MSX standards, it sure ain't "slow".

I beg to differ! The MSX is capable of far better. Just look at games like Fire Hawk or Psycho World.

I know it's not fair to hold Falcom to those high standards, but their own future titles performed at much better speeds, like Dragon Slayer VI: The Legend of Heroes.

EDIT: I should note that some of this may be the system I'm playing it on, as I believe the game runs noticeably faster on systems with more RAM or a higher processing speed. On a base MSX2 with 64 kB RAM, though -- which is how the game would be expected to run, given the era when it was released -- it is noticeably slower than many of its contemporaries.

Ys III was representative of a time when Falcom still didn't quite understand how to get the most out of the system. Which makes it an important title for them, but also means it's not as good as it could've been were it released a bit later. A fact further evidenced by the simple PSG soundtrack, when the complex melodies of Ys III were really begging for a full OPLL score.

...I can definitely be a harsh judge, though. Especially considering how much I love Falcom's games from that era. But nonetheless, I really would love to see someone redo Ys III on MSX sometime with movement speed more akin to that of games like Fire Hawk + OPLL music more representative of the original compositions. I know the MSX is capable of it, and it would be really glorious to behold!


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