Nowind interface - am I doing something wrong?

Door Sama

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14-03-2022, 13:18

Like I wrote in my other forum topic, I connected my real MSX after a decade of it eating dust. I also tried to use the Nowind interface to load disk and rom images. But it doesn't work properly and I don't know if it is because it is broken or if I am doing something wrong.

I found a program called 'usbhost' on my hard drive (version 4.0 stand alone). I tried to use this to flash a disk image in the Nowind, but it looks like it only loads a part of it, because part of the files are read, but for the rest it gives a "Disk offline" error message. When I try to flash a rom image in the Nowind ("usbhost romimage.rom"), it doesn't recognize the command at all and gives me an overview of the possible commands (of which "usbhost romimage.rom" is one, by the way).

Anyone have any ideas? Is it broken or am I doing something wrong?

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Van Manuel

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14-03-2022, 14:47

Which disk image did you pass to usbhost?

Note that it doesn't flash anything. It uses the disk image file to read from in real time.

Van Sama

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14-03-2022, 15:09

I tried multiple disk images, but all of them gave the same result, unfortunately. They also work fine when using an emulator.

Van Sama

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14-03-2022, 20:55

Solved! I contacted Jan (one of the developers) and he could help me.

In short, for disk images, I needed to add the -a parameter before the disk image because I was using my Turbo R. This solved the problems with the disk images.

Jan told me that support for ROM images is very limited. Only 16kB or 32kB ROM images are supported, which probably is why it didn't work (even though I didn't test it with 16kB or 32kB ROMs because this was not what I was intending to do).

Just in case anyone else tries to solve these problems, now or in the future, and bumps on this forum thread!