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Door Hit-Biter

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08-09-2022, 16:03

Hey Guys, I'm looking for suggestions for a good platformer Listing ! I remember playing Blagger, Chuckie Egg, Manic Miner and Jet Set Willy as a kid on my MSX. Also Pitfall 2 though that was a bit different. What I'm after is a Game i can type in that has some or all of the elements contained in the games I've listed. Eg 3 lives, Score, left right up down and jump movement. Enemy's patrolling either set routes or random routes like in Pacman, perhaps some way to shoot or kill enemys, various types of loot or power-ups inc extra lives. Various different levels with ladders, ropes, stairs, doors or some mechanism to ascend the 'platforms' or too move to the next level like a doorway aka in Splunkey.

I realize that's a LOT for one game perhaps too much but I'm interested in learning how to program in basic and would like to learn from examples, preferably good ones Big smile Ive learned a LOT from SpaceMan and now want my next programming challenge/lesson ! Id prefer a game i can type in BASIC but perhaps contains some machine code routines to help with speed improvements but I am also aware that I might be taking on more than I can currently understand and don''t wish to be typing in routines I cant understand for the sake of typing. I need it simple enough for me to say oh yea THATS how that works ! Otherwise i will be bombarding you all with questions for help ! :/

If you can suggest a few good listings to type in that would be great.

Many Thanks,


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Van Uninteresting

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08-09-2022, 16:58

MikroBitti magazines had Sam the Spaceman 1 and 2. One was a single-screen platformer (collect all keys before oxygen runs out), the second was a tower with ten(?) floors with ladders at one side and you had to collect a key from each floor without hitting anything on the way. (There were no platforms in this StS2.) Neither had any air control and the first had no ladders.

Q*Bert Jr probably doesn't fit the bill (movement like in Q*bert).

Robo the Robotman didn't have jumping and called itself an arcade adventure.

Hyppiäinen was more like a Flappy Bird thing in single-screen obstacle courses (collect all items, then go to exit).

Huvia ja Hyötyä MSX -book had a game "Dream of the Light" or something; five diamonds in different parts of the screen, immobile platforms here and there (and no enemies). The player was supposed to collect all diamonds.

Maybe there were more, but I just don't remember them now.

Van Hit-Biter

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08-09-2022, 17:34

Any links to any of that would be great. MikroBitti ? Sources to any Listings would be awsome !

Van Daemos

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08-09-2022, 19:43

I have source for two platformers that are very complete. One is WIP using R800 and SC5. The other is made in SC4 and runs on any MSX2 and up and with complete I mean very complete. Loaders, platforms, jumping in defined physics. Interaction with the surrounding world. A full worldmap. Secrets, bonusses, variable speed and so on and so on and so on.

Need to send them to you if you are interested.

Van ray2day

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08-09-2022, 19:47

Platformer to learn MSX-BASIC... hmm.. I would say;
Rabbit Hole (MSX Gids)

Van CASDuino

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08-09-2022, 20:23

MSX Computing had some platformers in their BASIC listings.

Van Hit-Biter

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08-09-2022, 21:01

Daemos, They sound a little advanced for me but send them anyway. clankennedy2004 'at' I dont even have MSX2 so cant use them but perhaps in the future I may get one for a fair price. Ive no idea what SC2 or loaders etc are so yea. Send that as well if your able :/ Meanwhile im going to look for something thats a bit more basic. What id really liek is a listing of some well known popular basic platformer. Maybe i should be looking at something more arcade ? like Pac-Man THeres so much i dont know. How to build walls that you 'void' out ? Its terms like that from old Tileset creation on Amiga and PC thats hard to define in basic etc :/ So much to do and so little time :/

Van Hit-Biter

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08-09-2022, 21:02

Ray any idea what issue ? Link ?

Van AndreV

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08-09-2022, 21:04

Van Hit-Biter

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08-09-2022, 21:14

CAS I will have a look. Cheers.

Van Manuel

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09-09-2022, 07:51

HAL a few issues later in the same magazine. But both use machine language support routines.

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