Games not working if pressing ctrl at boot

Door Sylver78

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12-10-2022, 13:06

few weeks ago I patched a floppy disk bios so there is no need to press ctrl to disable 2nd floppy disk and free some ram !
As you know this is needed for some games to run correctly !
But I’ve discovered that at least one game is not running if you press this key at startup : Fray ! I did test MSX2 version only, I don’t know if turbo-r version has same issue !
So does some know why this game is not working in this case, is there a patch to solve this and are there some other games that are known to fail working when booting with disabling 2nd fdd reader ?

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Van sdsnatcher73

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12-10-2022, 16:03

It‘s probably an issue in Fray‘s code. Like many MicroCabin games it was developed in parallel for MSX and PC98. On PC98 having two disk drives was the norm (the opposite to MSX). The code probably tries to check which other disk is in drive B: and can handle no disk but not non-existing drive error codes.

Van Sylver78

Resident (44)

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12-10-2022, 16:51

It makes sense ! I've just tested XAK 1&2 and they works fine with ctrl pressed, XAK 3 is failing !
So far XAK 3 and Fray are not working is second drive is disabled at boot !
Edit : Same for Princess Maker, What's Michael, Daisenryaku II (they are all Micro Cabin games)