Best MSX demo ever [nominations]

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Van tfh

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07-02-2008, 12:00

Can I also nominate FDD#2 for being a "controversial" demo? It's banned on Google: (see bottom)

maybe they auto-block when there's a text called "back humour"? ;)

I guess it's the boobies in the slideshow ;)

.. the first FDD was better, in my opinion..... it used SCC, and , well, Roza... who needs a better reason ? (but your "I'm the one in the group who does nothing" fire demo was good too ;) )

Roza.. *sigh*... Still have some weird memories about that guy. And indeed: For FDD#1 I did nothing except for typing a scroll text. Maybe the fact that I did some work on FDD#2 actually lowered the level/quality in your eyes. Thank God I didn't do too much ;)

Van turbor

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08-02-2008, 09:31

Just remembered this one last evening and it is also worth nominating:

Revolution - TNI

I don't think anybody else ever produced a rotating sprite based scroller Smile

Van Low_Profile

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08-02-2008, 11:25

Compoetania's Cybersound -> the ending credits have a realtime rotating/scaling/stretching picture

Van ro

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08-02-2008, 14:57

Can we have a sub-list of all the noms already?

Van wolf_

Ambassador_ (9816)

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08-02-2008, 16:24

"Math Magicians" (Fuzzy Logic) - Sunrise PicD.
"MB Muzax 1" (Fuzzy Logic)
"MB Muzax 2" (Fuzzy Logic)
"Muzax 3" (Fuzzy Logic)

"The Source of Power" (ANMA)
"Relax" (ANMA)

"Unknown Reality" (NOP)

"Almost Real" (Mayhem)

"Swiss demo" (Mi-Chi)

"Lightning" (Starcracks/Micronics)

"3072!" (David Heremans)

"Dawn of Time" (Station)
"Decalogue" (Station)
"New Sensation" (Station)

"Metal Limit" (IOD)

"An uncle in Brazil" (Abyss)
"MSX 20th Anniversary demo" (Abyss)

"Planet of the Epas" (Traktor)

"Raytrace Demo"

"MSX Unleashed" (Dvik & Joyrex)
"Utopia" (Dvik/Joyrex)
"Waves" (dvik)

"Lyra II"

"NMS8280 demo" (Philips)

"Royal Art" (Royal MSX Force)

"Coral 2" (Infinite)
"Sphere" (Infinite)
"Wings" (Infinite)

"Fony demo Disk 1" (Fony)
"Fony demo Disk 2" (Fony)

"Impaccen en Wegwezen" (Impact)
"Impaccable" (Impact)
"The Ant" (Impact)

"Slayer" (Sigma)

"FAC demo 3" (FAC)
"FAC Demo 4" (FAC)
"FAC Demo 5" (FAC)

"The Last Dimension" (Compjoetania)
"Cybersound" (Compjoetania)
"Calculus" (Compjoetania TNG)

"Mega Demo IV- The party mix" (Delta Soft)
"13 in een dozijn" (Surrec)

"Synsation" (First Class Software)

"E3D Evulution" (Marco Rossin)

"Modplayer promo" (Xelasoft)

"Moonwalker demo"

"Penguin demo" (BCF)
"BCF Megademo Promo" (BCF)
"Sigma" (BCF)

"Aatnos" (Lieves!Tuore)
"Alankoma" (Lieves!Tuore)
"Atselous" (Lieves!Tuore)
"Aekrus" (Lieves!Tuore)

"RIYADH - Bandwagon
"VESIKAUHU" (Bandwagon)
"ALANKOMAAT" (Bandwagon)
"ELÄKÖÖN VAPAUS" (Bandwagon)
"RAPPIO" (Bandwagon)

"Muzix" (anonymous)

"Diary" (NYYRIKKI)

"Revolution" (TNI)

note: if things are wrong or incomplete it's because they were submitted in a wrong, incomplete or otherwise obfuscated format. Tongue Oh, and things like 'all form xyz' aren't valid. We need complete entries! If you want to have things fixed: give your entries in the correct format!

Stick to:

"title" (group) - reason


"The Source of Power" (ANMA) - multipart-demo, cool effects, etc. etc. Cool

Van Manuel

Ascended (16820)

afbeelding van Manuel

08-02-2008, 20:12

Note: it's "Alankomaat" (nt Alankoma), meaning "The Netherlands", if I'm correct Tongue

Van fondacio

Master (153)

afbeelding van fondacio

09-02-2008, 14:49

wolf_, I think some were submitted correctly, such as:

"New Sensation" (Station) - first demo with many vector graphics

but if the earlier nominations were invalid, let me try these

"FAC Demo V" (FAC) - first demo with extensive use of MIDI
"Synsation" (FCS) - because of the effects

(edit 3: anyway, I only nominated the last two because others did so before and think that for this reason they should be part of the poll...)

Van wolf_

Ambassador_ (9816)

afbeelding van wolf_

09-02-2008, 15:01

fixed Cool

Van hap

Paragon (2029)

afbeelding van hap

09-02-2008, 17:26

"Diary" (NYYRIKKI) - original, funny
"Planet of the Epas" (Traktor) - nice MSX1 demo, released outside MSX scene, Breakpoint 2007 **edit: nevermind, it's already in the list**
"Waves" (dvik) - it somehow ended up in the last round of the "What is the most important MSX news of 2006?" megapoll Tongue
"Muzix" (anonymous) - not that great on itself since it's hardly original, but it started the MSX PSG sawtooth craze
"Please the cookie thing" (aardbei) - wolf_ == MSX? Wink

Van wolf_

Ambassador_ (9816)

afbeelding van wolf_

09-02-2008, 18:11

No PtCT here ^_^

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