Manbow2 B/W

Door Xan0ri

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15-03-2008, 12:00

I received my order of manbow2 yesterday. woohoo!

...Now when I try to play the game, my tv shows it black and white. No colours.. :O
Msx boot logo is coloured when I put the power on. When the actual gamerom loads,
graphics turn ro black and white.
Can I fix this?

Setup FS-A1 ST. Using the "S-Video" out of the machine.

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15-03-2008, 13:43

Try to see, if you can manually select NTSC color encoding from your TV. Most TV automatics think that 50Hz picture must be PAL encoded.

Van Manuel

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15-03-2008, 14:28

Looks like a PAL/NTSC issue.