One chip MSX improvement project

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Van Louthrax

Prophet (2275)

afbeelding van Louthrax

19-05-2020, 21:41

The weird thing with the "Fast VDP" option is that it also fixes some games (not 100% sure about them, RadarSoft's Breaker, maybe also Gauntlet). If confirmed, that implies that the "normal" VDP speed or accesses have some issues...

Van Vampier

Prophet (2351)

afbeelding van Vampier

19-05-2020, 22:22

@louthrax breaker/radx work great on 50hz. Even with 60hz on normal VDP speeds these games break.

btw: can you get Randar to work using sofarun?

Van Louthrax

Prophet (2275)

afbeelding van Louthrax

19-05-2020, 23:04

Breaker seems to work correctly on openMSX in 60Hz, on openMSX (will check on real machines tomorrow).

About Randar, it indeed does not work yet. As this one is a Compile game, maybe the fix will be the same as other Compile's game. Checking it now...

Quick workaround: open the randar.dsk image with DiskExplorer (or another tool to browse the contents of disk images), extract and copy the files to a directory on your SD card and launch AUTOEXEC.BAT.

EDIT: Looks like even with this solution, Randar crashes at line 740 on an open "MEM:RPG.DAT" instruction... That vaguely rings me a bell... Do we need to initialize memory disk or something ? (that is not working so well in MSXDOS 2 or Nextor ??).

Van HRA!

Master (213)

afbeelding van HRA!

20-05-2020, 00:03

I have released OCM-Kai 20200520

Van wark91

Supporter (5)

afbeelding van wark91

23-05-2020, 00:18

Hi @louxthrax and @Vampier,
Thank you for talking about Randar.
I confirms it is working on MSXDOS2 with mm and fd* tools.
I can play it and save on the dsk file. There is 4 rooms to make saves. It will be good to have a way to play it in Sofarun Smile Is it the same case as game patches for randar 3 or it is not the case ?

Thanks, Smile Smile Smile

Van erpirao

Paragon (1049)

afbeelding van erpirao

04-07-2020, 23:36

hello and good night
Would it be feasible to adapt the new core to work with a de10-nano?

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