TV Scart failure

Door Oscar

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01-08-2008, 22:49


Last day I connected a japanese MSX using an incorrect cable wiring and something broke insinde the scart connector. Now everything I connect to scart 1 (AV1) is red-coloured, but perfect sync and shape. Seems that one color channel or color controlling is malfunctioning. TV is Panasonic Quintrix - wide (model TX-28PS2F). I have observed the mainboard and I can't see anything wrong. Questions are... anybody knows where can I find a free service manual? Any ideas about what device is broken?

And... at least I can see wrong image in AV1 scart, buy why the TV don't output MSX image in AV2 (other devices work fine and colour is ok, there is no malfunction in AV2)?

Thank you in advance



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Van xgipe

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06-08-2008, 17:54

can you post this in the spanish forum? I'm not sure to understand all the explanation in your post...Tongue
Maybe somebody can help.

Van RegalSin

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12-08-2008, 00:02

Well I could only assume the cable is damaged as with my computer I am using now by red coloring I could only asume a purplish pinkish red. This means somewhere there is loose wires.