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19-08-2008, 12:02

What I love about the internet is the ability to go on a rampage threw forums making Engrish majors go insane. I have did probably like 20-20 or so forums probably reptitively. I have yet to touch girly forums, parental forums, and of course homosexaul+ forums.

I really love the idea of saying to a cripple person who only joy is to type away that I don't use my legs at all and crawl around on the floor and brought a Wheel Chair on purpose that I go up ramps with....only to beleive the real cripple has thrown down there messaging device.

No really I love the fact that while facts could still and is better found in websters that fact which is uninmportant to most like the MSX here is becoming well known by many.

That I am able to get my hands on everything to anything consdering that I live in a shopaholic capital of the world..no not Nevada. More important not pay a penny less or penny more literally while I might be killing off my local hobby shop arond the corner.

What is even better is that it is like living in another country but tied to a giant elastic band and more important gain so much info that you can brag about places. Back then ( which I reeeaallllyy mmisss) when somebody talked about places in the world you would care about it. However nowadays hearing about people who have gone to Russia is like "Oh okay did you pick up any furs?"

What is really funny is the internet crimes like somebody making a 11 year old cum, six year old boys getting e-mails of 40 year + women only to upload them and exchange them with other people, pshyco's who we would find in a bar being called childish names only to face life inprisionment or lower status

Haivng almost every single media format at the touch of your finger tips only to watch some smo wine about how they have the entire collection of ( some sci-fi action series ) and then tell them that you downloaded it and they are like scooby doh!

Seeing the most messed up thing you could ever imagine seeing to probably see a real life horror and laugh at it and say oh wow scary. Oh wow it is a fallen Angel it saying something about the Heavans and Earth.

Then what is really fun is what I just told you and you and it was all a lie and I am making this all up since I have just finished doing some work and instead of nailing my invisible wife I am here typing this for no apparent reason the fact it crossed my mind. Then hey maybe I am not making this up and it all was true since hey this is not even television it is the Internet.

I personally wish for the day when the internet goes back to 56k and we all start being the cave men we was. You knwo going to the libarary hanging around monos, bums, self-proclaimed gansters, and little children who was brought there thinking reading a book would help them get ahead only to find they got a big libarary fee.

Oh yess... I ruee a day when I could go to my local store and buy stuff without knowing. I could have gotten a better deal from somebody on a thread or some auction forum. That I could be a happy consumer and buy tapes and listen to them on my walkman. Heck I will even buy some bootlegs from happy the guy who sleeps with famil made prostitutes.

Still I miss and reather my life without or even outside the internet with every single woman I see outside trying to be miss Nasty pulling her body parts out like a man or even a man being
forced by another man and they are in a rainforest somewhere.

No really I miss life without the internet but that is what I love about it to exprience the lives of others so I don't start walking around in a flesh suit and more important while I sound insane and my typing is eradic I know that somewhere out there I know for a fact who is wayyyyyyy more insane then I could ever be. What is funny is that they will never catch me since I have the internet as my personal makeup kit.

The internet make real life looks like one of those OCP commecials from Robocop. I mean gosh almighty those day walkers are just hebe jeebbees with there langauge thinking by using a cigarrette or drinking beer along with drowning there sorrows in a pair of legs will get them anything. Just dropping like flies, dropping like flies, watching them drop like flies maka me laugh like a lorney

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You should get in a band or something.