MSX emulation on Nokia N95

Door djh1697

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29-08-2008, 19:17

I am the owner of a Nokia N95 8GB.

Is there any emulator that is free of charge that will operate on the the N95?

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Van ro

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29-08-2008, 19:52

yes, there is. Big smileBig smile

Van ro

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29-08-2008, 19:54

fmsx 3.5

welcome to the N95 owners club :)


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29-08-2008, 23:35

Van muffie

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16-02-2011, 19:49

Just found an old Nokia N95 lying around, and installed fMSX.
Is there a way to map the multimidia keys (sliding up)? That way it would be great to play using the joystick on the right and those keys on the left....

Van jr

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17-02-2011, 09:41

I don't know if my version of fMSX runs on N95 but if it does, you'll only know what keys can be mapped by trying to map them Wink If there's no response in the key mapping screen when you press one of those keys then I think the OS is not passing the key events for those keys to applications. For Marat's original fMSX, I don't know.