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14-09-2008, 02:52

This forumpost, is for to communicate that I am not dissapeared...... is, just that... you knows, the world spin & spin by two reasons, first is SEX and second y MONEY!!!.

And MSX world like any hobby, do not escape to the reality, if you want to spend time in a hobby, do you need MONEY or a regular office job of 6, 8hours with a fixed month budged, in background. The time is money I will say.

Well, I am just finishing in -real life-, a profitable proyect, that eated like a 3 years of my life, I already have a customers network, whe they pays for my software licencing, not much but, soon I will activate the auto-pilot system!...

My son has already 4 years old, and he already wonderedme just typing at GOOGLE's search and found without any help the mickeymouse from disney website.... from there, for my surprice, he jump to YOUTUBE and do a search "POCOYO" when I was back watching the montor, I was so wondered that I pressed backspace in a way to knows "how the hell he was watching youtube's videos of POCO-YO" Big smile

Well, anyway....

Very soon I will to resume my MSX proyects... & MOTOR ON! guys! Smile

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