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09-11-2008, 18:53

I don't think I ever posted here yet in the intro stuffs...

I am Arkhan...

Im an overly caffeeinated semi obnoxious 20 year old computer science student at CSU...

I like Anime (mostly girly stuff...), video games (PC Engine/MSX the most!), and music! I play synth and guitar....

and Im into tabletop and pen/paper games...

and programming, :-D!

www.freewebs.com/turboarkhan/ <<<< See!

I am pretty easy going, I don't like arguing unless it's provoked, and i'm not into acting like a know it all! I also don't like n00bie bashing, or being condescending!

sooo I hope I fit in here!

I've popped in and out a few times while trying to hunt an MSX down. Im poor, so I settle for OpenMSX at the moment!


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