Final Fantasy Music (MSX2 Hardware Recording)

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13-12-2008, 03:34


I started this a few years ago and have a few people to cover consoles such as NES, SNES, PSX but don't have anyone for MSX2.

We (I say we because I don't do this by myself) release Hardware Authentic Music recordings, these are usually game soundtracks that were never released and we record, master and release them.

I don't have an MSX/MSX2 computer to record the music rips, my question iis anyone willing to help us out? First Planned release I'd like to do is Final Fantasy MSX - you can download the KSS file and (emulated mp3 rip) from:;11656260;/fileinfo.html

Let me know if anyone is interested in this, it is time consuming but the end results are HQ and 100% Accurate VGM the way they were meant to be heard :)

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Van marce

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13-12-2008, 14:14

Take a look at This guy collects MSX music in mp3 format for on-line streaming. Maybe he's interested.

Van VX

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14-12-2008, 02:32

Hi Marce,

404 for that site: Host not found (

Any other suggestions?

Van VX

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14-12-2008, 02:33

Never mind it was a typo adding in com. - it works now, thanks I'll e-mail him.