SlotExpander malfunction

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11-11-2001, 13:01

I've got a Digital KC slotexpander and a HSH SCSI interface (Novaxis 1.5), but most of the time, the SCSI interface won't work in the slot expander. It has worked for several years, but I guess my MSX is getting a bit older. I've tried cleaning the contacts using contact spray but it doesn't work...

Any other ideas I might try? Running at 3.56MHz doesn't seem to make a difference.

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Van SjaaQ

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15-11-2001, 14:02

Yes the SCSI interface does work without the slot expander. It also works in the slot expander but not all the time. The computer crashes when you move the SCSI interface a little bit. That's why I thought I had something to do with the contacts or the connector itself.

There has been cartridges in the expander (all slots) since I got it, so I suppose there is no chance that there is dust in the slots. Changing the SCSI interfaces' slot in the slot expanders doesn't make a difference Sad

Any other things I could try?