Konami games on tape ???

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Van Bastiaan

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11-08-2003, 08:58

Well if they are real, we should make an update of the konami-list !

Add numbers for tape and disks...

Van Argon

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afbeelding van Argon

11-08-2003, 12:27

I do not argue that they might be authentic.
But, I personally, am not convinced yet that those are for real.

I will make up my mind when (AND IF) I get more detailed pictures from the seller.


Van Sylvester

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11-08-2003, 15:03



here are some more images, thanks to Stt :)

Now, i'm more convinced that they are not real, because I think if they where released by Konami, they at least put an Konami logo on the tape........

Van Argon

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11-08-2003, 15:32

I received 2 more pics from the seller, view them at

(Oh, I see Sylvester already posted them :))

Me personally I'm still not convinced they are real, so I won't bid on them :)


Van anonymous

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11-08-2003, 16:37

Those pics aren't very convincing indeed...
What I'd like to see is a closeup of that Hyper Sports 2 cover, there seems to be some logo and text at the bottom.

Van Vincent van Dam

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11-08-2003, 20:27

What I'd like to see is a closeup of that Hyper Sports 2 cover, there seems to be some logo and text at the bottom.

If you compare the original cartridge box with the tape you can see that it is exactly the same, otherwise it should say something which must have the same proportions as a cartridge logo followed by the text "rom cartridge rc 733".

Cover url: dynamo.geol.msu.ru/msx/covers/hyper3.htm

Van anonymous

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11-08-2003, 21:30

Ah! I didn't have an original cover to compare. It indeed looks identical..

As the tapes are printed, and not some normal computertape, the question now remains: are they (professionally) pirated, or did Konami UK Ltd release them afterall?
That question can only be answered by a person working for Konami UK at that time.

Van Sander

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11-08-2003, 22:44

Looking at the last two images, you notice that the Hypersport cover is printed out of balance. The Mopi Ranger picture shows that the msx logo below is cut off.

=no go.

Apart from the green baret disk, Konami Uk also released some Green Baret roms in packaging they normally used for tape games.

However, these packages where ALL made totally from hard board paper, they never used ordinary plastic. I've seen UK konami games for other platforms, but these where also distributed solely in hard board paper packaging.

If the end price including shipping is one pound, you can consider buying it. Just to satisfy your doubt.

I don't believe these are real.

Van sunrise

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11-08-2003, 23:42

Totally fake , the seller shows nothing about the place where the tape fits.
The transparant cover is too nice, also for something second hand.
Because it is not new , is it?
Tapes are without anything on it on;y grey and bload.cas,r
Well, Konami so professional so I donot believe they made cassette tapes likethis
BesidesI share Sander''s remarks.

Van snout

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12-08-2003, 11:06

Indeed. Proportions of images are incorrect, there might be cartridge logo's on the boxes, I can see no manuals, the "BLOAD CAS, R" is unlikely for Konami (they would put it in a manual, right??) and I expected those cassettes to have a Konami logo in them.

And not the double wave, since that logo was used later...

But, it would be interesting to know if this man is just someone who made these things, or did he fall for it himself one day. Maybe there were loads of these cassettes sold...

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