Tower defense on Msx

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Van Leo

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11-01-2011, 19:55

yes i know but it is also a matter of we can only see 20 lines or so at once so , so compact code allows better overview , rather than listing 200 lines ...

Van Manuel

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afbeelding van Manuel

11-01-2011, 22:34

Or, use NestorPreTer! Readable code, but fast execution Smile

Van Leo

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afbeelding van Leo

12-01-2011, 07:26

yes but you loose that interactive quick turn around of the regular basic + turbo basic


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afbeelding van ARTRAG

12-01-2011, 18:29

True, but IMHO using HiTech C cross compiler is very fast to be practically almost interactive.

I just use the compiler IDE to make the project, my Notepad++ to edit files, bluemsx or openmsx with dirasdisk to mount the directory where the .COM files are generated.
Even larger projects get build in a second or less.

Moreover the debugger in bluemsx can read the SYM files generated by the cross compiler, so even during debug is quite simple.

My comparison is:

with Turbo basic:
1) the size of the projects is limited
2) almost any graphic command from basic is allowed
3) you get good speed results
4) inline ASM is hardly modifiable
5) you get very fast prototyping
6) the development limited by the msx basic editor

with HiTech C cross compiler:
1) you get much larger limits to the size of the projects (almost no limits when moving to megaroms).
2) Any graphic command has to be implemented as library (done once, it stays forever)
3) you get excellent speed results and max flexibility in data types (char,uchar, int,uint, long, ulong, float etc)
4) inline ASM is compiled and integrated with the rest of the sources
5) you get fast prototyping using emulators and text editors under windows
6) the development is in windows with any editor you like

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