Metal Gear 1 Elevator Fix sma international version

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Door nikodr

Paladin (744)

afbeelding van nikodr

22-06-2010, 02:45

Regarding those who requested the fix.I could supply you with a fix file (note I WOULD NOT distribute a whole disk or rom dump).Email me at .I have read the policies and would only supply a fix file that would patch the existing version one could have (that is the one that has errors).

That error caused me a lot of headaches 20 years ago,since i could never play the game on my disk based msx.Actually it is a fix that patches metal.8 file (from the s.m.a international crack),a single EI instruction that should be NOP or DI.It is in a place where bankswitching occurs in the elevator areas when new levels are being loaded from the memory map.With the EI instruction the music plays fast but the elevator goes slowly,with the patched version the music slows down and the game no longer crashes.I have played this for many hours going down and up in the elevators and no crashes.Also the game does not randomly crash anymore.

Please moderators do not lock it.I am sure there must be people that would want this patch.Releasing a patch for a cracked game would not be copyright theft since i am not realeasing the game files as only a fix for them.Am i right?

Kind regards

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Van evulopah

Hero (661)

afbeelding van evulopah

22-06-2010, 12:11

Already send you a mail Smile

Always hated that elavator Wink

Van vanfanel

Champion (446)

afbeelding van vanfanel

22-06-2010, 13:04

Email sent, thanks! Big smile

Van ro

Guardian (4170)

afbeelding van ro

22-06-2010, 14:33

Dunno about that bug (proud owner of the orginal software) but great work Smile

Van Vampier

Prophet (2351)

afbeelding van Vampier

22-06-2010, 17:19

vdp(10)=255 seemed to help that metal gear version not to crash. (nms8255)


Resident (41)

afbeelding van JGM

22-06-2010, 22:42

Wish I had that fix 15 years ago. It really fustrated me then. I saved the game every 5 min. and ofcourse when entering a elevator. Nice work SmileSmile

Van nikodr

Paladin (744)

afbeelding van nikodr

23-06-2010, 14:06

Hello guys!Received the emails!

I am trying to find the patch on one of my msx disks.When i find it i will send it (probably tomorrow).
Vampier that does not solve the problems though.If you try to go up and down 100 times it will probably crash.With my patch i run the game on my nms 8280 i went up and down the elevators for about 2 hours and no crash occured.

Van Meits

Scribe (5856)

afbeelding van Meits

23-06-2010, 16:57

I remember that bug when I had a 8235 with just 128kB... The 128kB version had nasty elevator bugs... When I got a 256kB machine, I got the 256kB version which did not have a bug...

Is the one you patch a version which only needs 128kB?

Van vanfanel

Champion (446)

afbeelding van vanfanel

23-06-2010, 18:34

I heard there's a ROM version that saves to disk, that would be the ideal version.

Van vanfanel

Champion (446)

afbeelding van vanfanel

23-06-2010, 19:08

ok, I found a patch for the rom version to save on disk:

Heh! :evil:

Van JohnHassink

Ambassador (5452)

afbeelding van JohnHassink

23-06-2010, 22:16

vanfanel, oh, you naughty guy! How can you do that? Big smile

nikodr, maybe you already have found out, anyway, just making a patch available for an existing program doesn't make that 'illegal' anywhere as far as I know! Wink
And ofcourse, good work! Who at Konami would have dreamt that MSX people would analysize and correct their work 30 years later?
How many MSX users in the '80's, '90's would have thought that we'd be touching the code of Konami?
People like you bring it into practice. Smile

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