The MSX Resource Center. A webpage since 1994 and with its own domain since 1996. Imagine a fan website about the MSX homecomputer system that exists for over 23 years. That's twice the amount of time our system was on the market!

The MSX Resource Center started out as a link page but, with help from friends and fellow minded MSX users, grew into the biggest MSX portal on the planet and superceeded a lot of other retro platforms in terms of daily visitors and active users. And thanks to you we are still growing! Our users and our love for the first industry wide interchangable computer platform kept us going. And will probably keep us coming for the years to come.

However, with the increased growth of this website, faster servers and hosting are also costing us more each year. For our active users we truly want to keep this site advertisement free for as much as possible but this also means that we have to call upon you to support us. So let us give you the best experience we possibly can give but please consider doing a donation once in a while. Help us keeping this site running!



By clicking on the Paypal button you can donate some money to the Microcomputer & Related Culture foundation. As you probably already know, we are a non-profit organization. The money we recieve will be used for paying the MRC hosting bills, attending MSX fairs and the stimulation and promotion of the MSX community's activities. Every donation will be highly appreciated.

The MSX Resource Center team.


You can also donate directly to our bank account. Our account number is at the ABN AMRO in Amsterdam (IBAN NL05ABNA0531015912 ; BIC ABNANL2A). The Microcomputer & Related Culture foundation is registered at the Chamber of Commerce in Amsterdam, registration number 34179802.