Monitor, the Kingdom of the Dell

by Manuel on 05-02-2018, 03:26
Topic: Nijmegen 2018

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By Manuel

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05-02-2018, 23:45

Showing of the Open Source Scan Converter. Works quite well even in the interlaced scenes of Unknown Reality!

By Vampier

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21-05-2018, 00:46

did you just quote the misheard lyrics of Slayer's Angel of death? (Or hey Johnny Depp)

By JohnHassink

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21-05-2018, 21:47

Yeah. Smile

By Grauw

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21-05-2018, 22:07

I’m also really happy with my OSSC. The image quality is superb! With this quality HDMI output I really feel my MSX is ready for the remainder of the century Big smile. Money well spent, for sure…!

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