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By meits

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12-04-2017, 19:15

Sick actually... See that list?
MAD always took huge flightcases filled with PD disks with them which you could copy.
Copying the whole list would take a week (maybe more), while one can download that amount of data within some ten minutes now...
Why didn't they just write on that list: Wait 21 years and get all at once faster than you can pick your nose Big smile

By syn

Prophet (2105)

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13-04-2017, 15:05

"a week (maybe more)" is faster than "Wait 21 years" Hannibal

By Grauw

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13-04-2017, 22:01

Pretty awesome, so much public domain software.

Back when few people had heard of open source, it’s nice to see that so many people already had the same spirit.