What is the most important MSX news of 2006?

Matra and Bitwise release MSX games on cartridge (191 votes) 21.4%
One Chip MSX (201 votes) 22.6%
Waves megademo (48 votes) 5.4%
Manuel Pazos' new MegaFlashROM SCC and MultiROMs (139 votes) 15.6%
MSXdev'06 competition (120 votes) 13.5%
SymbOS (192 votes) 21.5%
Total votes: 891

Comments (4)

By karloch

Prophet (2096)

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23-02-2007, 00:51

What a hard poll! Every single item is very important...

By snout

Ascended (15186)

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27-02-2007, 17:08

It's a fierce battle between new soft on cartridges and new MSX computer in FPGA now... ^_^

By dvik

Prophet (2200)

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28-02-2007, 07:19

Hey, the Waves megademo is not that far behind. Just a little bit slower start. Watch out Wink

By Nautilus

Expert (75)

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01-03-2007, 01:43

One Chip MSX and SymbOS are really important to MSX in the next years.