ANMA's Frantic - sources

por stompetower em 08-04-2019, 20:33

What's inside the zip-file:

- MSX virtual disks (.dsk) with:
- Frantic source code.
- Frantic graphics.
- Frantic stages / jobs.
- FReditor (to create/edit job files).
- source code of ANMA's tracker RED.
- other code, like standard routines, sound effects.
- Info related to music, replayer, sound effects.
- Info about how to Build the original Frantic files.
- Info about how to edit/create Frantic jobs (stages).
- Info about ANMA's dev workflow in 1992.
- Source-code of Frantic-map-maker (MS Visual Studio).
- Extracted graphics / sprites in .png format.
- Detailed information about sprites in Frantic.
- Many other text-files with explanations / information.

A few sources/tools are missing, which can be reverse-engineered relatively simple.

What can you do with this sources?

- Use it for learning purposes.
- Build your own adapted version of Frantic (non-commercial).
- Or contact ANMA (user 'stompetower') if you have other idea's.

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Por meits

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14-08-2019, 03:28

If every downloader would make one stage, how lovely would that be Hannibal

Por stompetower

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25-08-2020, 19:43

146 downloads ( 2 x 73 ).
If every 1 in 2 downloaders would make one stage, how lovely would that be Hannibal

Por Randam

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25-08-2020, 20:50

I am sure I will make some stages at one point, but at the moment a bit busy.

Por stompetower

Expert (101)

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01-05-2021, 18:53

As of now, you should start at this location for the complete Frantic project sources:

It's more complete (no lost source code) and has much more detailed information.