JoySNES - Salamander patch

por Popolon_fr em 26-11-2017, 20:28

Patches that allow to play to Salamander on MSX with the 8 buttons of a SNES controller using JoySNES adapter.

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Por Tabajara-Labs

Expert (95)

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09-11-2018, 18:16

Thanks a lot, Popolon! Any chances of patches for other games like Zanac? Or teching a "genral" way to adapt other games?

Por Popolon_fr

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10-11-2018, 18:27

Thank you for your interest. Other patches will be planned, it is only a problem of time. It is possible to make the patches yourself by using the ASM routines that are provided in the documentation, although they are not optimized for implementation in a ROM in which it is difficult to find space. I will soon update the documentation with optimized routines. Note that to properly edit the games, it is often necessary to adapt the text to the corresponding button (when possible). The text can be Bitmap, Ascii or otherwise encoded. It's also interesting to keep the games compatible with the FM-TOWNS joypad when they do not need any other buttons than START and SELECT which are a combination of RIGHT + LEFT and UP + DOWN. In this way people who own a controller with these two buttons can also enjoy some of the modified games.