por Amaury Carvalho em 09-03-2021, 16:27

MSXBAS2ROM is an open source experimental MSX Basic cross platform compiler inspired on Basic Kun.

All compilation process and code generation its made from scratch without Basic Kun involvement, and the compiled code uses only a subset of Basic Kun support library (float point math, graphical statements...).

It's run as a command line tool on Windows/Linux modern machines, and you can create a compiled ROM file from your Basic code using the "-c" parameter just like this:

msxbas2rom -c program.bas

All documentation can be listed using "--doc" parameter.

Current project status is development in progress, and you can get more information at the link below:

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Por shalafi

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29-07-2021, 12:40

I was looking into it briefly since it only works for Linux and Windows but not for Mac. I ended up setting up a Raspberry Pi to play with it.
Then I tried to compile from source on my Mac, but I was getting some errors. Ultimately, adding a compiler flag to the Makefile fixed them (some C++11 string literals not supported by default on my version of gcc)

All in all, nice job, not as fast as MSX-BASIC-KUN yet, specially when handling loops of calls to the VDP, but very nice.
Documentation is a bit lacking and unclear about how to use external resourced, I am having to find about that by trial and error.

Maybe you want to add the flag on the project for everyone:

CFLAGS = -Wall -fexception -std=c++11