S-RAM (PAC, FM-PAC) Support?


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03-09-2003, 18:11

I found PAC (Pana Amusement Catridge) these days and I tested some games.
I thought that S-RAM of FM-PAC and that of PAC must be the same and could be used for all games supporting S-RAM.
But one of games that I tested showed different results from my thought.
What I tested are Dragon Slayer6, YS2 and XAK2. S-RAM of FM-PAC could be used for all of those games but that of PAC could not be used for Dragon Slayer 6.
Are S-RAM of FM-PAC and PAC different? And does anyone have lists of games supporting S-RAM of only FM-PAC or PAC?

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Por BiFi

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03-09-2003, 18:38

My guess is Dragon Slayer 6 detects it differently, i.e. by reading some string from the ROM. PAC is just SRAM without ROM and therefore it can't be detected that way and FM-PAC does have ROM as well as SRAM.

There are also some games that require the PAC or FM-PAC in a particular slot to get the SRAM detected. That may also be the case for Dragon Slayer 6. I do know Xak - The Art of Visual Stage requires SRAM to be in slot 1.