MSX 2 improves MSX 1 games?

Por Bigby

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08-12-2010, 05:29

Does a MSX 2 Configuration improve the scrolling in MSX 1 games?

Or have I got this wrong?

What I mean is, in a real MSX 2 , playing a MSX 1 game, did it make scrolling shoot-em-ups (for example) have smoother scrolling?

Also in BlueMSX emulator, is there any effect/improvement from using the MSX 2 machine instead of the MSX config?

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Por Meits

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08-12-2010, 06:35

The version I heard is that some Konami MSX1 titles had some additional MSX2 code. This way it looks better on an MSX2. In my opinion it's not an MSX1 game you play on an MSX2 then. MSX1+ maybe...

Por JohnHassink

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08-12-2010, 06:38

Usually not.
MSX(1) games, especially traditional ones, are designed just for that: to work on MSX(1).
When played on MSX2, the games do not automatically 'notice' the higher specs, since they weren't there when the game was made in the first place. Smile

The biggest difference you'll note when playing a #1 game on a #2 machine will probably be the color pallette, as the standard presets are slightly different between both types.
This is why, when using an emulator anyway, you'll get the best results (as in: how the developers meant the game to be) by emulating (according to 'continent' of origin) an MSX1 machine.

Also, don't forget that Japanese games should be played in 60 Hz, so be sure to emulate a Japanese machine or to manually set the frequency to 60 Hz.
And that's why I made the 'continent' remark.
Games from 'the west' should usually be played at 50 Hz.

To make a long story short:
No, but there are a few exceptions. If I'm not mistaken, Konami's Nemesis III does change the color pallette when played on MSX2 or higher.
Also, I should point out the difference between MSX2 and MSX2+ when playing Space Manbow.

Games that are more modern (notably the MSXdev games) do recognize MSX2 specs in terms of scrolling, pallette and better sprite handling. Some clear examples of this are Lotus F3 by dvik/Joyrex, Mr. Mole by Nerlaska and QBIQS by Z80ST-Software, which can all be downloaded for free at the MSXdev site.

Por snout

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08-12-2010, 11:08

But, you can improve MSX1 games a little yourself -- or at least run them in an MSX1 palette on an MSX2, by using the wonderful Palette Editor.

Por wolf_

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08-12-2010, 11:42

Montana John and the Templar's Treasure has a few nice bits:
- MSX2 palette
- more detailed tiles when playing on an MSX2 (e.g. a gradient of 4 reds in a red tile on MSX2, instead of 2 or 3 for the MSX1 version)
- minor scrolling when an elevator/block bangs the floor (more like a camera shake)

These don't break the original MSX1 architecture.

Por fukenko

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08-12-2010, 15:19

IIRC,R-TYPE for MSX also change the color palette when run it on MSX2.