Any working LZH compressor for 64 bit Windows?

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Por konamiman

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27-06-2011, 16:31

Sorry if this has been asked before (I guess so but I could not find any reference):

Has anyone any working version of the LZH compressor (LHA.EXE) that works on 64 bit Windows? I have tried downloading the latest version from the official project page ( and it seems to work fine until you check the generated files and see that they are corrupt (on Windows a "Unknown level header -55" is thrown when listing the file contents, on MSX the computer simply crashes when executing PMEXT).

I have tried searching other compression programs as well, but all what I have found is applications that can decompress LZH files but can not generate them... ;(

Help please! I need it in order to publish my new MSX project (I guess you all will like it).

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Por Huey

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27-06-2011, 17:09

Zip will do for me; (I even prefer it).Tongue

Por konamiman

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27-06-2011, 17:21

Yeah, ZIP is more useful nowadays, but I want the file to be easily extractable from a MSX computer.

Por yzi

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27-06-2011, 18:27

How about using an old DOS version in DOSBox? It should work in Windows 7 64 bit.

Por Sd-Snatcher

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27-06-2011, 19:44


Something new for this weekend event? Denyonet hit the streets....

Por Paulbrk

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27-06-2011, 23:24

Use Total Commander Smile


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28-06-2011, 00:14

How about 7-Zip

Edit: Ah, 7-Zip also does uncompressing only.

Por hap

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28-06-2011, 00:40

a win32 version of LHA works fine on 64-bit Win7

C:\Users\hapbap\Desktop\moo>lha a -r moo

Creating archive : C:/Users/hapbap/Desktop/moo/moo.LZH

Frozen ==> 40% moo.moo

Por konamiman

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28-06-2011, 11:21

@hap (and everybody): Thank you, but Nyyrikki has sent me a working version by email already. I don't understand why the version I had got from the official siste didn't work...

@Sd-Snatcher: Yes, there is something new around the corner... but it is not probably what you expect. I hope that you will like it anyway. Smile

Por Sd-Snatcher

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28-06-2011, 20:38


Por dankcomputing

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28-02-2021, 04:42

I was really hoping ExpLZH would work, but it's impossible to create an archive that LHARC would extract. Win32 LHA doesn't work either, even if you use the -0 and -g options. LHARC always errors out with "sorry, cannot Extract this method."

LHEXT will attempt to extract an archive but it comes out completely wrong, lots of files skipped and wrongly named. Doesn't matter if you use Win32 LHA or ExpLZH.

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