fMSX for Android released

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Por fms

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31-12-2013, 09:54

Hello, All!

fMSX is one of the oldest computer emulators in the world. It runs software written for MSX, MSX2, and MSX2+ home computers. Starting today, you can download fMSX-Windows 3.7 for free from the fMSX home page:

I have also released fMSX-Android 3.7.10, fixing several remaining crash causes: (full version) (free version)

See the full change list below.

* fMSX-Windows is now free!
* Fixed a crash when surface gets destroyed during display update.
* Fixed a crash when deleting files with special characters in their names.
* Fixed a crash when showing sections in File Selector.
* Fixed compilation warnings when compiling fMSX with CLANG.

Happy New Year!


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31-12-2013, 09:58

fMSX: 20 years emulating MSX and still going strong! Nice!

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15-01-2014, 18:05

Hello, All!

I have published fMSX-Android 3.7.11 today: (free version) (full version)

This release makes Settings tabbed, for better navigation, and adds two special visual effects: vertical scanlines and raster.

* Added tabs to the Settings, for easier navigation.
* Made Settings react to screen orientation changes.
* Made "Scanline Effect" a list selector, to accommodate multiple effects.
* Added "Vertical Scanlines" option, for vertical scanlines found in old LCDs.
* Added "Raster Effect" option, for LCD-like raster simulation.

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29-01-2014, 15:46

Hello, All!

A maintenance release of fMSX-Android 3.7.13 fixes the battery drain that occurs when fMSX goes into background mode while using legacy sound. Also rearranged the Settings and added the new "Emulation" tab. Get the new fMSX while it is hot: (full version) (free version)

* Fixed battery drain when fMSX runs in background.
* Added Emulation section to the Settings.
* Moved some options from Input and Video sections to General.
* Reordered Settings by importance.

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29-01-2014, 18:16

Hello, All!

I have released the source code for fMSX 3.7, including the Unix/X11 port. You can get it off the fMSX home page:

Please, note that the following terms apply to the fMSX source code use:

1) You can freely use fMSX sources for any non-profit project.
2) You cannot use fMSX sources to obtain any kind of profit, either directly or indirectly.
3) When using fMSX source code, you have to make a clear reference to me, Marat Fayzullin, as the author of the original code.
4) Please, inform me if you are using fMSX source code. While not a requirement, it is nice to hear from you :)

Best regards,
Marat Fayzullin

PS: Please note that the above terms make fMSX incompatible with GPLed projects. Sorry.

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12-02-2014, 15:50

Hello, All!

A new version of fMSX-Android, my MSX home computer emulator, is out: (free version) (full version)

fMSX-Android 3.7.14 adds the "Hide Title Bar" option for people who absolutely hate the action/status bar and adds ability to change Moga key mappings via "Assign Keys". The Settings can once again be navigated with a gamepad. See the complete list of changes below.

* Added "Hide Title Bar" option to hide status/action bar on startup.
* Added "Emulation" tab to the Settings.
* Added ability to assign Moga buttons via "Assign Keys".
* Added arrow keys navigation to the tabbed Settings.
* Added Moga controller navigation to the tabbed Settings.
* Reshuffled some options to more appropriate Settings tabs.


Por vanfanel

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12-02-2014, 16:47

Hi, Marat!

It's nice to see one of the first emulators I ever used back in the 90's is still going strong!
Have you thought about releasing a SDL2 port? Or at least and SDL1.2.x port (with sources so I could do a Raspberry Pi port with GLES2 graphics scaling in a breeze!)

Por mars2000you

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12-02-2014, 17:17

Vanfanel : fMSX is not designed for open source GPL projects. Try this special version of openMSX :

Por Samor

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12-02-2014, 17:57

there is an sdl port but it's a little old I believe:

Even older: The DOS port from Marcel de Kogel (; brings back memories ;)

Por Manuel

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12-02-2014, 22:21

openMSX is SDL 1.2 based (and will probably move to SDL2 later), and as was shown, can be relatively easily be ported to Raspberry Pi.

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