The truth about V9948

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Por retrocanada76

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18-11-2011, 00:57


I have some disturbing news. More than 10 years ago it was well said that Ademir Carchano had the only known copy of the V9948 datasheet.

I asked Ademir and he denied the existence of such document. May people said they asked Ademir for a copy but they have never been replied. Welll even brazilian had problems with Ademir not replying our emails.

As we were tracking down this information on msx br list, some pieces of information arose. The user antoniutti found the first message about this unknown VDP from Ricardo Bittencourt and dating back 1999:

I've contacted Ricbit and he said this vdp9948 never existed and everything was a hoax invented somewhere at IRC channel around that time and himself believed on that. The only thing is they forgot to tell the rest of the world about the truth. Even the datasheet never existed too.

So guys such VDP is a HOAX.

If you still don't believe you can open and remove the heatsink from your Daewoos CPC-300/400 and check the vdp used or you can run a vdp id routine to check it's id.

I can't tell about the missing vdp id #1 and the register #24. The only thing I know now is this was a hoax that took to long.

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Por RetroTechie

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18-11-2011, 06:21

Who cares... I would never claim to others that something exists, unless there's overwhelming evidence that it does, OR I've seen it myself.

Have some doubts myself about things that have been rumored. Some things may (have) exist(ed) as non-released, single-copy collector's item. But if a) no-one can produce a specimen, and b) even documentation is nowhere to be found, then for all intents & purposes it doesn't exist. Don't believe everything you find on the 'net - check it for yourself!

Btw. only Korean machine I've seen the insides of was a CPC-400S - can't remember there was a cooling sink on the VDP, and I'm pretty sure I would have noticed if it wasn't a V9938... LOL! A V9948 would be a nice find, but if I had such Korean machine, I wouldn't even bother to break it open (and SCREEN 9 is just a software thingie like Kanji modes).

Por msxholder

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28-11-2011, 21:59

If you want to see the 9948 open an captain or come here to see it your self !!! the v9948 exist!

Por mars2000you

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28-11-2011, 22:52

Here's a proof :

Do you want the technical datasheet ?

Read this ! LOL!

Por flyguille

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28-11-2011, 23:11

what's different from 9938 / 58?

Por jltursan

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28-11-2011, 23:37


Por Manuel

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28-11-2011, 23:47

This "datacheat" is probably the same as the V9958 Tongue (Probably the V9958 beta version...)


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29-11-2011, 00:40

This picture seems a "true" a fake, the "4" looks photo-shopped - both thickness and orientation of the signs are at least suspicious

Por RetroTechie

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29-11-2011, 01:07

What gave it away for me was the mainboard it sits on Question 2 mins research told me that's from a Pan... (no I shouldn't make it too easy Wink ). Anyway, no chance you'd find a 'pre-9958' in there, and that's not a Korean machine.

Nice shop & datacheat though LOL!LOL!


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29-11-2011, 08:27

Por Sander

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29-11-2011, 09:22

It's inside the NTT Captain Multistation.

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