how to choose multidisks in an emulator?

Por SolidEric

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23-12-2003, 20:51

Hi, I got a question,bluemsx is the first emulator I use and it works fine but I can't run multi-disks on the emulator. I can run the first disk but how abouth the 2nd one and third one. (b.t.w. all disks are in one .dsk file). How can I choose the other disks?

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Por mars2000you

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23-12-2003, 21:34

Some emulators use one single dsk file that contains 2 , 3 or more disks. That's the case of paraMSX and you must press on one (function) touch to change of disk.

Other emulators like blueMSX don't support multiple disks in one single dsk file. You must simply change of disk in the virtual drive by using the menu and insert another disk (to avoid a reset, you must not have choosen the option "Reset after insert" !)

After the change of disk, you must generally press on the spacebar to indicate to the MSX that you have inserted another disk ...

Por SolidEric

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24-12-2003, 15:04

Thanks for the help mars! Smile