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por snout em 26-04-2002, 13:48
Tópico: Emulation

We had some small news lying around, we did not want you to miss out on

  • At the openMSX site you can download the version of openMSX that was demonstrated in Tilburg.
  • Olivier Hustin did not sell his turboR in Tilburg. It is now right here on eBay. This is a very good chance to get a fine Panasonic FS-A1-ST.
  • EGG is a company that releases old retro software for PC. They will soon present Laydock, YS2, Xak Tower of Gazzel, Fray and other familiar games in their PC version. I guess this are non-improved, emulated versions of the original MSX/PC9801/FMTowns versions however.

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26-04-2002, 22:37

mjummie but i gues this whill be in japanese not english >Smile... but the MOG conversion is alsow nice for PC and the kings valley 2 conversion in a nice piece of code Smile..