Happy 2003!

por snout em 01-01-2003, 00:26
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On behalf of the entire MSX Resource Center Foundation I would like to wish you a happy new year!

2002 has been a very succesful year for MSX in general and especially for our web site. After many rumours and promises, the MSX Revival finally started. Although it is still unclear what the future will bring -especially for MSX fans outside of Japan- the future looks much brighter than it did only months ago. On our site, we did not only have much more news posts than before, the ammount of visitors just kept growing and growing. As a result, a grand total of 1089 people are now a member of the MSX Resource Center. We sent our first newsletters to the members who are subscribed to it, visited fairs, raised a foundation and started working on a new website.

A few days ago we launched this new site and - as we were hoping - we had a huge increase of activity. More and more people stop by to post a reaction on a newspost, to start or join a forum topic or even to post a news item. Also, there was a large increase in activity of MSX-developers and other MSX websites, which allowed us to post more news than ever on MSX. To all active MSX users around the word: keep up the good work!Here's a summary of the stats of 2002:

  • Visitors: 155517 (69102)
  • News posts: 445 (142)
  • Forum posts: 593 (98)
  • Reactions: 309 (61)

The values mentioned between the brackets are the stats of 2001.

Of course, we could not have done it without you: the visitors. We would like to send an extra big thank you to all 118 members who contributed to our website by sending news posts, forum posts, reactions and web links last year. We would like to send some extra thanks to the most active users of our website. Based on a ranking systems that gives 4 points for each news post, 2 points for each forum post and 1 point for each reaction, the most active user of the year 2002 was Mark Jelsma who 'scored' 146 points. He was followed closely by GuyveR800 (110 points). 4play (49 points), wolf (48 points) and chaos (47 points) complete this years top 5. We can only hope that 2003 will be at least as succesful as 2002.

A happy new year to all of you, cheers!

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Por FiXato

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01-01-2003, 00:56

Happy New Year to you too Smile

Por 4play

Resident (53)

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01-01-2003, 12:00

happy new year.

and lets hope that MRCF whil be bigger in 2k3 o/

to the MSX return Smile o/o/o/

Por DarQ

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08-01-2003, 14:44

hee! What do i read here? I dont remember reading this newspost. And suddenly it seems i gained to top score!! HOT

Por Meits

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13-01-2012, 19:24

And this year you scored null Hannibal

Por d-fader

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14-01-2012, 09:24

Retroreacting is going to be THE thing in 2012!