Gradius V for Playstation 2

por Unregistered user em 17-01-2003, 20:08
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Source: The Magic Box

Konami has announced a new sequel in their Gradius (also known as Nemesis to european MSX'ers) series called Gradius V. To be released in autumn 2003, Gradius V for Playstation 2 will have 3D graphics but retain its 2D gameplay.Visit the Magic Box for 2 screenshots

You can pre-order Gradius V on Amazon UK or Amazon US

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Por konamiman

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17-01-2003, 20:48


Hummm... time for buying a PSX2 maybe? 8->

Just hope that the "3D graphics with 2D gameplay" mix is as good as it is in R-Type Delta (the game which makes PSX worth to having, together with Gradius Gaiden).

Por 4play

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17-01-2003, 23:30

Alsow a GBA version is on the way..



Por NLmsx

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18-01-2003, 22:37

Metal Gear Solid 2 on the Playstation 2 is also very good.