Contiki - Portable internet-enabled GUI kernel

por snout em 12-03-2003, 23:14
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Contiki is a desktop environment originally developed for Commodore 64 computers. Its versatile multitasking kernel with windowing system and themeable GUI enables users to browse the web without needing a PC running as a parsing server (like Fudebrowzer), run a webserver or do some telnetting.

Contiki is already ported to many other systems, but currently there is no MSX version available yet. Perhaps the future will bring us an MSX port?

Relevant link: Contiki website

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Por anonymous

incognito ergo sum (116)

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12-03-2003, 23:28

Having looked at this, most applications (and more) already exist for MSX in UZIX and/or Internestor Suite. I think a GUI for UZIX or Internestor would be a better investment of time...

Por snout

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13-03-2003, 00:51

Agreed, however.. uhm.. I think UZIX can use some optimizations. (like uhm.. optimized ASM instead of bloated C Tongue)

Por Algorythms

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15-03-2003, 16:06

I think Sunrise should support the UZIXman with a GFX9000, as he said he would program GUI and other stuff for it if he got one. That way more people would buy it, cuz it would have more software. I contacted Sunrise about it two times, but they didn`t even answer my mails. So Sunrise, if you read this, please consider it!
-Dan Derpaux /

Por sunrise

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17-03-2003, 21:35


Your emails you can forward to
However, Sunrise cannot give away GFX9000 or other kind of hardware to anyone who makes something in the msx-scene.
Would be very expansive to do so