SD-Snatcher is the best MSX2 game ever

por snout em 14-07-2003, 22:00
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When we started our mega-poll in search of the best MSX2 game ever, we didn't suspect it would be even more succesful than the Best MSX1 game ever mega-poll. However, right from the start an average of 50 people contributed to nominations and voting in each seperate round. A grand total of 345 people voted during the week the four finalists appeared on a frontpage poll. These are the results:

  • 1. SD-Snatcher (Konami) - 120 votes (34.78%)
  • 2. Metal Gear (Konami) - 111 votes (32.17%)
  • 3. Aleste 2 (Compile) - 91 votes (26.38%)
  • 4. Usas (Konami) - 23 votes (6.67%)

On our forums you can find a full list of results in which all the points were added, counting 6 points for each vote on the frontpage. Right from the start SD-Snatcher took a lead and never let it go. For a while it even seemed that Aleste 2 would win from Metal Gear.

Simply said: Konami did it again. As expected, they dominated the MSX2 mega-poll as they did in the MSX1 mega-poll. You could even say that the MSX2 mega-poll ended up as a party for Hideo Kojima as both his Snatcher as his Metal Gear story have turned out to be the best. However, as with the MSX1 mega-poll, Compile follows with a thrilling shoot-'m-up. In the MSX1 finals they managed to get on second place with Zanac, in the MSX2 mega-poll Aleste 2 reached a third place. Microcabin's XAK 2 and Falcom's YS3 (Wanderers from YS) and Dragon Slayer 6 (Legend of Heroes) also managed to get in the top 10.

In many rounds non-commercial games had no problem at all to beat well-known commercial titles. With 269 points, Pumpkin Adventure (Umax/Sunrise) turned out to be the best non-commercial MSX2 game, closely followed by games like Lost World, Magnar, Shrines of Enigma, Akin and D.A.S.S..

We hope you will all join us again in the next (mega)polls!

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