YS VI - The Ark of Napishtim movie

por snout em 15-08-2003, 16:13
Tópico: MSX Related

We already reported about the upcoming YS6, the Ark of Napishtim which will be the first sequel in the YS RPG saga in 10 years. The Japanese gaming website 4gamer have put up a website where you can find a 30,9MB ZIP file containing a very impressive movie of the game.

This same movie also contains information on YS Complete Works, with moving images of the original versions of the YS games. From the look of it YS1 to YS5 will be included as PC-Remakes in the YS6 package, which will be released September 27th, 2003.

Relevant link: 4gamer YS6 backgrounds

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Por anonymous

incognito ergo sum (116)

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15-08-2003, 21:41



Too bad the Ys1-5 you get with it are the Nintendo (NES/SNES) versions... But D*MN!
If they... They... Ok.. They MUST release this in english!!!

Por robertwilting

Champion (467)

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16-08-2003, 14:04

I agree that it's to bad that they suply it with the (s)nes based versions they should have suplied it with the PC-engine versions.

Por Arjan

Paladin (782)

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16-08-2003, 18:34

Unfortunately I have troubles downloading the movie, couldn't get a full download yet Sad

Por snout

Ascended (15187)

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16-08-2003, 20:20

It's the first time in my life a download manager was of actual use. Download went about 5 times as fast and I could resume Wink I deinstalled the darn thing right after downloading the movie though.

Por anonymous

incognito ergo sum (116)

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16-08-2003, 20:34

Mozilla resumes too. Had it downloaded in 2 parts.

Por Argon

Paragon (1126)

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18-08-2003, 14:31

This game looks cool Smile
Konami should make a MoG remake that looks like this, that would be cool Smile

Por anonymous

incognito ergo sum (116)

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09-12-2003, 20:34

despite my best efforts i can't read japanese, so i can't find the movie, think someone could email me the link to the movie? or the URL for the zip file itself so i can just initate the d/l like that. my email is travishiob84@aol.com