Phillips NMS Sound-module , in software rom-file?

Por anonymous

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08-07-2002, 10:43

When I was a kid I remembered that Phillips releaseda sound-module for the ROM-cartridge.(I think it even played MIDI).Is there a ROM-patch available somewhere Also , I used to have a program in tape with a front-endfor the <sound>-command. Would this still work on the emulator, or better yet , does anyone have it on dsk-file thanks,.29.

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Por snout

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08-07-2002, 12:06

You mean the PHilips Musicmodule. It is emulated in fMSX-SDL and NLMSX. Have a look at the Emulator Comparison if you want more information.On a real MSX, you need the real thing.

Por Manuel

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22-02-2003, 16:37

Of course it is also emulated in openMSX. Also the Panasonic MSX Audio and the Toshiba MSX Audio are emulated in openMSX, by the way, but that's just promotional talk. Smile

Por Bart

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22-02-2003, 19:54

hehe or you just buy an original Music Module, to experience the real thing Big smile